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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programming for Impact!

Move beyond compliance to an authentically inclusive workplace with a strategic roadmap and learning and development opportunities to support your organization's DEI Journey. 

True Colors consulting services offer programming support to meet you where you are to provide depth of learning and understanding for a variety of DEI concepts. 

Our Services


DEI Strategic Planning

Don't get started on your journey without a map! Let us assess the  current state of your organization using the three-way prism of Business Psychology, Global Perspective, and DEI Principles to design a plan for your next steps to create and cultivate a next-level inclusive environment where all interested parties feel a sense of belonging.


Learning & Development

Ready for the next step? Engage in a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)  learning journey, training session, or webinar. Alternatively, host a speaking event to bolster your understanding of DEI concepts and learn how these understandings can augment your DEI strategic plan leading to stronger organizations with high ESG scores and empowered employees who want to stick around and stay a while!


Sustained Support

Maintenance is paramount for sustainability. True Colors isn't about one-and-done work. We are here to help you through the long haul with advisory consulting plans and coaching for individuals and groups. We can support your ongoing efforts to keep you on track and feeling confident about your leadership, contributions, or the implementation of DEI initiatives.

Don't see what you need?

We recognize that organizations and individuals are unique and have different learning and development needs. We are happy to work with you to design a program that suits your needs to support you along your DEI Journey. Contact True Colors to inquire and get started on your DEI programming.