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Custom Learning Journeys

We recognize that organizations and individuals are unique and have different learning and development needs. We are happy to work with you to design a learning journey built from workshops that meets the needs of your team or organization. Custom Journeys can be built by mixing and matching workshops from different journeys and/or including workshops from our add-on offerings. 

How it works...

STEP 1: Assess

We will start with a consultation that includes an informal needs assessment to understand where your team or organization is on their DEI journey so that we can determine which learning experiences will be most relevant and impactful for growth. It is important to remember that every team member is an individual and will be in a different place on their personal journeys. We want to make sure that the workshops selected, the content in the workshops, and the delivery methods and activities will meet each person where they are on their journey as closely as possible. We will ask to review data that you already have to help us ascertain your organizational or team needs. This may include results from engagement surveys, themes and findings from focus group or interview sessions, demographic data, or additional data that would help us build a bespoke program that meets your needs.

STEP 2: Design

Custom Learning Journeys will be designed with the following considerations:

  • All journeys will begin with DEI Fundamentals unless your organization or team has had this workshop as part of a previous Learning Journey.

  • Custom Journeys must be designed with a minimum of 3 workshops. Because our aim at True Colors Consulting is to move you beyond compliance, it is important to us that growth and development of one's DEI journey is holistic, which we believe cannot be achieved with a single training session. Part of this approach includes appropriately designing sessions for each group or audience.

  • There should not be a mix-match of attendees for a given journey. Everyone for whom a journey is designed should attend the workshops as part of a series in order to maintain the holistic learning necessary to grow and develop understandings of DEI concepts so that they can be appropriately applied to one's life and their everyday experiences at work. 

  • Because custom journeys can be designed from workshops that are part of different series, we will account for this by adjusting content that may be repeated or overlapping so that as the journey goes on, these overlapping concepts will be a review. This will allow more time for application through discussion and exercises rather than repeating the same activities.

  • Add-on workshops can extend any learning journey, including those custom designed for you.

STEP 3: Delivery

We will work together to determine the best cadence for delivery of your learning journeys, including whether sessions must be divided and how often we will come together for each workshop in the series. Prior to each workshop, attendees will receive pre-workshop materials and instructions so that they may be prepared for the learning sessions.