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Executive Journey

About this Journey

This series of workshops is designed for executives and other decision-makers leading their organization from the upper-most tiers. Attendees will participate in the Extended DEI Fundamentals workshop, which includes the same foundational concepts introduced in the original DEI Fundamentals workshop with an expansion that addresses Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Investing (ESG) matters. This journey for executive leaders also includes workshops that address Equitable Employment Practices, Implementing Sustainable DEI Programs, and understanding Roles in DEI Programming.

Workshops in this Journey

This learning journey includes the following workshops, which can be augmented with additional workshops from our custom learning and development offerings.

Extended DEI Fundamentals: 

This extended foundational workshop introduces attendees to the basic terminology for diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts and principles, explores self-identity and the impact of individual identities in our interactions with others, and addresses identifying and mitigating biases that impact our perceptions, behaviors, and decisions. The extension for executives and senior leaders includes a deep-dive into considerations and benefits of implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion programming, including Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance responsibilities.

Equitable Employment Practices:

From sourcing and interviewing candidates, to selection and advancement, to separation from the organization, this workshop explores the employee lifecycle to through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants will learn how to employ equitable practices to create equitable employee experiences that reflect DEI principles, which ultimately leads to higher employee engagement and satisfaction.

Roles in DEI Programming:

Our organizations could not exist and function without the various people that make up the community. All roles must be considered and included when building and developing impactful and sustainable DEI programming. This workshop goes beyond employee experience and considers boardroom members, donors, suppliers, and others.

Sustainable DEI Programming:

This workshop addresses the importance of sustainable programming that is inclusive of all stakeholders. Participants will learn about the structures and benefits of DEI Councils as well as different approaches to identity-based groups such as Affinity Groups, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and how these groups can help to inform DEI strategic planning. This workshop also focuses on executive sponsorship for organizational programs, communication campaigns, and considerations for change management strategies to support your DEI strategy plan and roadmap.