Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Services

Why is True Colors Consulting different than other DEI firms?

Our training experiences are built for more than HR compliance. We are also not designed to blame and shame, rather to help you learn and grow in a structured setting.


Want to understand why Critical Race Theory is a hot topic? Want to understand how DEI will help you have strong ESG scores so that you are attractive to investors and meeting the needs of your stakeholders without merely checking boxes? Are you a person with marginalized identities wanting to know more about self-advocacy so that you can navigate the nuances in your workplace? 


Learning experiences at True Colors Consulting are grounded in research-based concepts that include Business Psychology, Learning Theory, and DEI Principles and Concepts all with a Global Outlook in mind to deliver a high-touch, holistic experience for all participants that move your team or organization beyond compliance.

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Our approach does more than help you check boxes. We want you to have the knowledge and tools necessary to be authentic in your growth and development of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. That doesn't mean we don't understand business needs. We can show you how you can improve sustainability while being truly, socially responsible. Learning activities are holistic so that takeaways are applicable giving you tools to implement your plans. We also understand that geo-location and culture matter; DEI challenges look different around the world. With today's global reach, global perspective is imperative to making a true positive impact.

Can I order a single workshop or webinar rather than a full journey?

It is our aim to move you beyond compliance, so it is important to us that growth and development of one's DEI journey is holistic. A full journey is recommended to get the most of your experience. If you are not ready for a full journey yet, DEI Fundamentals is available as a standalone workshop to get you started. Once your group has had DEI Fundamentals, other training sessions can be ordered individually, or you can design a custom journey as needed.

Not with a team? No problem! True Colors offers DEI Fundamentals periodically throughout the year for individual participation. Contact us for details!

Can you design our journey with our organization's branding?

If you need a more bespoke training experience, we can custom design your workshop or webinar in your organization's brand. Please see our additional services or reach out to us for more information. 

I am not sure which learning journey is right for us. Can you help us choose?

We will start with a consultation that includes an informal needs assessment to understand where your team or organization is on their DEI journey so that we can determine which learning experiences will be most relevant and impactful for growth. We will ask to review data that you already have to help us ascertain your organizational or team needs. This may include results from engagement surveys, themes and findings from focus group or interview sessions, demographic data, or additional data that would help us build a bespoke program that meets your needs.

We have limited time for trainings and workshops. Can we shorten the sessions?

Because our aim at True Colors Consulting is to move you beyond compliance, it is important to us that growth and development of one's DEI journey is holistic. To ensure an effective and impactful learning experience, we do not shorten workshops, but we do have some options for you! We can work with you to divide sessions into parts of a series so that we can work with your time constraints and still have complete programming for your attendees, or we can decide on a webinar that might better meet your needs.

We are looking for a speaker for an event. Do you do speaking engagements?

We can work with you for your event. Please contact us for additional information.

Questions about Training Sessions

My group has had DEI training before. Can we skip DEI Fundamentals?

DEI Fundamentals  or Extended DEI Fundamentals is required even if your group has had prior DEI training. Because True Colors cannot control for other training experiences, it is important to us that we begin our journey from a common place with shared terminology and foundational concepts. For those a little further ahead in their personal DEI journeys, these workshops provide the opportunity to review and discuss concepts with others in the group and build on learning by hearing from colleagues with varying perspectives.

Can we have a copy of the slides from the workshops?

A PDF document with highlights from the workshop will be provided when clients opt to have workshops designed with their organization's brand. Full presentation decks are not available for workshops or webinars.

Can we preview the training content before the workshop or webinar date?

As part of the design process for your learning experience, we will meet to go over an outline of the content that will be included in your workshop or webinar. Prior to each learning session, attendees will receive pre-workshop/webinar materials and instructions so that they may be prepared for the training experience.

Questions about Pricing

What is the cost for training sessions?

Costs vary due to a number of circumstances. Cost considerations could include whether there will be multiple sessions of any workshops or webinars and whether there will be supplementary workshops or webinars added to a journey. Other consideration include the size and type of your organization or team. Please contact us for more information.

Our organization is a nonprofit, and we have limited funding.  Do you offer special rates for nonprofits?

We offer special rates for organizations depending on a variety of factors. Please contact us so that we can learn more about your organization and determine the appropriate pricing for your needs.

Do you offer special rates for small businesses?

We offer special rates for organizations depending on a variety of factors. Please contact us so that we can learn more about your organization and determine the appropriate pricing for your needs.