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Identity & Advocacy

About this Journey

This learning journey is designed to meet the needs of all roles within an organization from individual contributors and stakeholders at any level to people managers and executives. Beginning with the foundational concepts introduced in the DEI Fundamentals workshop, participants will continue on the learning journey to Explore Identity  and social capital and privilege in order to be an impactful and effective ally with Advocacy in Action. Workshop attendees will also focus on Deconstructing Race and Racism,  an aspect of identity that has been the center of lived experiences for centuries.

Workshops in this Journey

This learning journey includes the following workshops, which can be augmented with additional workshops from our custom learning and development offerings.

DEI Fundamentals: 

This foundational workshop introduces attendees to the basic terminology for diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts and principles, explores self-identity and the impact of individual identities in our interactions with others, and addresses problems with biases that impact our perceptions, behaviors, and decisions. 

Exploring Identity:

This workshop builds from the fundamentals and takes a deep dive into self-identity and group identity. Discussion will include how we have internalized beliefs and expectations about others that can manifest in the way of stereotypes. Participants will dive deeper into understanding and mitigating biases both personally and professionally in the workplace.

Deconstructing Race and Racism:

Though there are many aspects to our identities, some of which overlap and intersect, race continues to be at the forefront of the minds of many in the US and around the world. This workshop is outlined with with a historical view of race in America and other parts of the world leading up to the lived experiences of racialized employees in the workplace. Attendees will work to understand varying perspectives as we look at the historical social hierarchies that have led to oppression for millions of marginalized people. Topics will  include intersectionality and recognizing microaggressions. For additional cultural exploration, check out the Custom Learning Journeys for supplementary sessions

Advocacy in Action:

Though most people want to support and defend people who are being mistreated, it can sometimes be difficult to identify  subtle offenses, such as microaggressions. Knowing what to do is the next step. In this workshop, participants will build upon  discussions around microaggressions and learn how to respond as an ally in support of the individual or group on the receiving end of harm. There will also be opportunity to build on fundamental DEI concepts and principles to learn how one's privilege can be leveraged to support others as well as how to employ resilience to advocate for oneself.