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This series of workshops is designed for executives and other decision-makers leading their organization from the upper-most tiers. Attendees will experience an extended version of DEI Fundamentals, which includes discussion about DEI and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Investing (ESG) concerns. This journey for executive leaders also includes workshops that address Equitable Employment Practices, Implementing Sustainable DEI Programs, and understanding Stakeholder Roles in DEI Programming.

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Leadership Journey

The Leadership Learning Journey begins with DEI Fundamentals, to set the foundation for the other workshops in this series. Building on the fundamentals, participants will discuss and explore best practices for Inclusive Leadership and Inclusive Communication while working on building and Fostering a Culture of Belonging within their teams and organization.


Identity & Advocacy

This learning journey is designed to meet the needs of all roles within an organization from individual contributors and stakeholders at any level to people managers and executives. Beginning with the foundational concepts introduced in the DEI Fundamentals workshop, participants will continue on the learning journey to Explore Identity and Deconstructing Race and Racism, an aspect of identity that has been the center of lived experiences for centuries. Participants will also learn about being an impactful and effective ally with Advocacy in Action.

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Custom Learning Journey

As with all learning journeys from True Colors Consulting, custom journeys for new clients will begin with DEI Foundations or Extended DEI Foundations. The rest of your journey will be custom designed to meet your needs by incorporating a minimum of two additional workshops from other journeys or from the selection of our add-on options. Contact us to learn more.

Supplementary Workshops

At True Colors Consulting, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we work with you to ensure that your chosen journey meets your organization or team where they are to help you move along your DEI continuum of learning. This may mean additional customization to ensure the most optimal learning experience.

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