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Leadership Journey

About this Journey

The Management and Leadership learning journey begins with DEI Fundamentals, to lay the foundation for the other workshops in this series. Building on the fundamentals, participants will discuss and explore best practices for Inclusive Leadership and Inclusive Communication while working on building and Fostering a Culture of Belonging within their teams and organization.

Workshops in this Journey

This learning journey includes the following workshops, which can be augmented with additional workshops from our custom learning and development offerings.

DEI Fundamentals: 

This foundational workshop introduces attendees to the basic terminology for diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts and principles, explores self-identity and the impact of individual identities in our interactions with others, and addresses identifying and mitigating biases that impact our perceptions, behaviors, and decisions. 

Inclusive Leadership

Building from the concepts of social identity and other fundamental DEI concepts, this workshop addresses the power dynamics of formal and informal leadership; best practices for people management and development; and provides the opportunity for attendees to practice skills from the training that can be applied in every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Inclusive Communication:

This workshop addresses inclusive practices and word choice for written and verbal communication for accessibility as well as contexts such as hard-to-navigate conversations or responses to uncomfortable or confrontational dialogue. Attendees will also learn about varying communication styles and how these styles and approaches can impact how we interact with others with similar or differing ways of communicating such as when giving or receiving feedback.

Fostering a Culture of Belonging:

Leaders often erroneously focus purely on diversity, believing that having people from different backgrounds with different perspectives is enough to engage and retain employees. Though representation at all levels is important, without a healthy, inclusive organizational culture to foster a sense of belonging, employees won't stick around - no matter the incentive! Beyond retention, an employee who feels as though they truly belong in the organization will thrive and grow leading to more productivity and innovation and will have a sense of pride in the organizational identity. Remember, work doesn't work without its people, and a healthy, inclusive culture is needed to foster a sense of belonging.

This workshop addresses barriers to belonging, such as feeling the need to show up to work in a way that contradicts one's authentic way of being, through appearance, behavior. Participants will consider personal and organizational values to look for and discuss alignment with the organization or team's mission and values. Attendees will be given tips for identifying practices that could lead to members feeling excluded and for implementing inclusive practices to correct or mitigate employee isolation.